Posted by: religionthink | October 15, 2007

What's Your Praxin & Charisma?

On the forum Yeshua Quest there is currently an excellent article on the Greek word praxin which means “mode of being,” which alludes to one’s natural response to just about any given situation one encounters in life. One’s praxin can be viewed as the default setting to one’s approach to life.

1. The Prophet – one who speaks forth or fore-tells and warns.
2. The Servant – one eager to serve others and/or execute orders.
3. The Teacher – one who is at heart a student, an analyst and/or instructor.
4. The Exhorter – one who verbally comforts and/or cheers and encourages others to excel.
5. The Giver – one with a philanthropic & entrepreneurial disposition, who has the ability to make and manage money well.
6. The Merciful – an empathic soul, who physically and emotionally seeks to comfort and/or care for others.
7. The Ruler – one who is a born leader, administrator or manager.

Read the full essay here and find out which role you may be playing!

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