Posted by: religionthink | September 10, 2009

Welcome to ReligionThink

I started this blog, Religious Think as a way to put down the many thoughts that have been going through my mind. I am from a Christian Fundamentalist background which I left almost ten years ago. Recently I have been able to come to terms with most of those issues and have begun to attend church again. I have grown to appreciate the many diverse opinions on how church, spirituality, and religion should be valued and used to further the Kingdom of God while we are yet here on earth.

Many strange ideas will be posted here and many may not sound very Christian like at all. Some proposals here will and may go against established church doctrine and dogma. The ideas here are merely ramblings as if to say “what if.” By doing this if I can get one person to consider beyond the norm then my task will be achieved. I have not been to a bible collage, or studied theology, or Greek. I have, however, educated myself as a hobby on biblical history and I will try to keep the essays posted here documented so that the reader may look farther into the issue if they like.

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