Posted by: religionthink | September 10, 2009

Saved from What?

It is thought that when one was saved from sin God had the power to over come and transform an individual. Many times is thought that a person who is saved is no longer a slave to sin but in thinking about the issue one needs to wonder if that is the case. Many have truly been transformed, However many have not. Below we will discuss some of these inconsistencies.

While I was watching the Mantel Williams show there was an episode featuring pedophiles. One offender claimed to be rehabilitated however before his rehabilitation he committed thirty offences against children. When question by Montel and the audience, is said that if he had safe guards in place everyday that he was confident he would not re-offend. He mentioned that as a requirement of his probation he was made to take polygraph tests, wear a Global Positioning Device, and was monitored by the criminal justice system. I realized that I heard that some place before. That place was church. So the question remains, if a saved person is redeemed from his sins and its grip, can he re-offend? It so then the age old question was he really saved in the first place.

Saying he was not saved in the first place, in my opinion is way to save God and Christianity its dignity. These places the blame totally on the weak human that God was suppose to empower so he might refrain from evil. The devil also ends up taking the brunt of the blame. For when a Christian falls he is always said to be there as the reason what, or it is believed he was pulling the strings to manipulate the decision to sin. Also it is interesting that most Christians who become saved put in place safe guards as if they already expect to re-offend. They shun old friends, watch their language, where they go, and what they do. They may even have a group of friend who will constantly monitor them to make sure they stay on the narrow path of righteousness. Many groups try to overcome the nature of sin through Baptism, and in some circles, Sanctification, which is supposed to take away the urge to sin.

So a rather pointed question would be that is a person is truly saved from drinking then he would be able to be a bar tender and not even have the urge for a taste of beer, or perhaps if one was saved from sexual promiscuity, he or she would be able to be among the prostates and not have an urge toward the sexual. To many time Christians get saved and have but up defenses and safe guards. We lock ourselves in our churches among God’s people and think I am safe if I have this or that in place. A good prayer life, bible reading, and church attendance are just a few of these defenses against re-offending. But who is there to work and witness for Christ at the bar or in the brothel? Do we rally think God cannot deliver us for past offences? Or dose he leave the urges for us to contend with ourselves.

This may be what the Apostle Paul was talking about when he mentioned he had a thorn in the flesh. So then dose God only save us from our sins and not from ourselves. And what happens when a sanctified believer re-offends back into sin. Is he still saved, never sanctified, or never saved in the first place. I have to admit I find this issue most confusing.

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